Wednesday, July 23, 2008

CBSE Accountancy Project Work; Table of Contents

Now let's start some serious work. Here we are developing a very good story line complete with all the transactions, journal and ledger. These pages are also posted in the website.
Here we have a stationery shop, started on 1st October 2008 (rem.your exam is in Jan 2009). You can change the story to match the busienss in your mind.

Today you have a table of content. I will add story tomorrow. Please make your changes. Consult your teacher for changes. Also introduce the site where I placed a lot of free study materials.

Here is the table of content. We will add page numbers at the end. Tomorrow I will write the preface.

Accountancy Project Work
Table of Content

Section I Comprehensive section
The business story
First month
Second month
Third month (Year end)
Journal Entries
Trail balance
End of first month
End of second month
Third month (Year end)
Section II Ratio Analysis
Income Statement
Balance Sheet
Liquidity ratios
Profitability ratios
Bar charts comparing ratios with Industry Standards
Evaluation of ratios
Section III Cash Flow Statement


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